Affordable Auto Services's reviews
Name:Affordable Auto Services
Total Reviews:2
Average Pricing:45%
Average Quote Accuracy:55%
Average Punctuality:45%
Average Quality of Work:45%
Average Integrity:50%
Average Score:55%

PricingQuotingPunctualityWork QualityIntegrityTotal
These guys are fantastic. had a WOF done for 25 dollars, priced and done the repairs all the while sat and sipped coffe and relaxed. - 7261bobb

Thank you for reaffirming me not to trust random mechanics. Went to you guys to get a WOF and apparently failed due multiple problems with my brakes and handbrake, tried to get me to book in for $200-$600 worth of repairs. Had a feeling you were trying to rip me off, went to trusty old VTNZ and no surprises you were. Just because I'm a girl and don't know anything about cars doesn't mean you can take advantage. I'm not stupid I could recognise your feeble attempts to dupe me from the get go. These unethical practices wont get you far, I cant imagine many people will continue to fall for these tricks. Seriously unimpressed and I will be spreading the word about you guys. Ps Nice try with deleting my feedback on your facebook page, it won't wont be enough to save your pathetic reputation. - bje

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